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About Us

Our Residential Care Program

Home of Serenity is a nonprofit organization that was formed on 05/10/2021

to provide residential care to homeless and disadvantaged pregnant youth. We currently have a facility located in Detroit Michigan. Our team is working every waking hour to open doors to impact our community.

 Activities To Increase
Maternal & Infant Health

Home of Serenity is taking prevention measures to reduce maternal and infant mortality and to promote the health of all childbearing-aged women and their newborns should start before conception and continue through the postpartum period. 

Before Conception

  • Access to screening women for health risks and pre-existing chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and sexually transmitted diseases.

  • Counsel women about  the benefits of good nutrition

During Pregnancy

  • Provide women with early access to high-quality care throughout pregnancy, labor, and delivery.

  • Continue counseling against use of tobacco, alcohol, and illicit drugs.

  • Continue counseling about nutrition and physical exercise.

  • Educate women about the early signs of pregnancy-related problems.

During Postpartum Period

  • Provide information about well-baby care and access to

  • Educate parents about infants to care.

  • Counsel parents about infants safety, after-birth healing

  • Provide light housework, emotional support, and referrals to community resources

Our  Gardening Program

Home of Serenity is launching a youth gardening program and a community garden! The benefits of youth gardening are to encourage healthier eating habits, encourages exercise, build a sense of confidence, develops STEM & analytical abilities, relieve stress, improve focus & memory, and to positively impact mood & psychological well-being. 


Community gardens allow for the creation of social ties and build a greater feeling of community. These connections help reduce crime, empower residents and allow residents to feel safe in their neighborhoods.

Our Partners

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Tenth Precinct

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